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Trade Unions from neighboring countries respond modern challenges


1 - 3 October 80 representatives from 40 IndustriALL affiliates of neighboring countries gathered in Baku to respond the modern challenges.

Many participants emphasized the difficulties they faced during the last year, among them are: fall in living standards, low wages, reduce of the trade union legislative rights.
The situation in Kazakhstan and Belarus is getting worse. The representatives od Kazakhstan told about direct government intervention into trade union inner work and violation of freedom.

картинкаAs for Belarus Gennadiy Fedynych the chairman of Belarusian Radio and Electronic Industry workers’ Union and Igor Komlik the Union’s head accountant were convicted for tax avoidance.

Since the beginning of the year, trade unions in Russia have upheld the right to the freedom of trade union activity. Since the beginning of summer fought against the decision of the Russian Government to increase the retirement age. Representatives of Russia informed that managed to defense the freedom of trade union activity, but it did not work with the retirement age.

Trade Unions of Georgia pointed to the effectiveness of the intermediation practice as a new way to resolve labor disputes.

картинкаThe meeting also touched upon the theme of Industry 4.0, the consequences of which will soon affect the production and employment market in the region. This topic was a continuation of the discussion started in July during the Energy World Conference in Saint-Petersburg. The trade unions agreed that to prepare for these changes, understanding their inevitability, is extremely important.

Significant time of the meeting was devoted to Gender policy and future actions? aimed at increasing the representation of women in governing trade union bodies

The Council of International Confederation of Oil, Gas and Construction workers’ union also timed its meeting to the events of IndustriALL. The representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan took part in the meeting.

картинкаThe meeting was devoted to the freedom of trade union activity and organizational work of Trade Unions in neighboring countries, based on materials of the IndustriALL Global Union. Also, the participants shared practical experience of the influence of Trade Unions on the reform of pension systems in their countries.

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